the private practice start-up kit


On deciding to start a private practice!

You’ve taken the first step toward creating a profitable and impactful business that supports your purpose, vision, and mission in the world.

soribel martínez


CEO of SMPSychotherapy and Counseling Services

The Private Practice Start-up Kit is the key

To creating the private practice you want.

  • More profit

  • More impact

  • More freedom

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If you’re reading this,

you desire to have an amazing life and create more impact in your community...

but you feel stuck because you don’t have the tools and strategies to make it happen.

You love this work

but don’t want to feel burned out.

"Soribel is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and leader in the field of counseling. Her warm style and down to earth personality make it super easy to talk to her. She has helped thousands of clients. I highly recommend Soribel!​"

Dr. Michael Stokes

CEO of Stokes Counseling

You see, I hear mental health and healthcare professionals all the time talk about how they got into their careers with a great desire to help others...

but the truth is that

They can’t even help themselves because

they are not earning enough to create the life they deserve.

In school, they taught us how to help people, but
but we weren’t given the tools necessary to create a business that can impact our communities without sacrificing the financial stability of our family.

There is a disconnect, right...

Because how can we help others

when we can’t help ourselves?

  • You want the freedom to be able to treat clients the way you feel is best without the regulations of an agency or large organization.

  • You want to serve more and create financial security for you and your family.

  • You might be working a “day job” but dreaming of moving to full-time private practice but may be concerned you won’t be able to make enough money.

  • You need support from a coach and mentor who can share their knowledge with you.

  • You may feel afraid that starting a private practice will make you feel tired, overwhelmed, and burned out.

  • You’re afraid to be seen as money-hungry . . . but you really do need to make enough money to support your lifestyle, so you feel conflicted.

  • You’re afraid of being judged by other professionals for setting your prices.

I know how you’re feeling

because I have been there too!

I knew I wanted to be a business owner and make a positive impact in the world from the time I was seven years old. Years later, when I followed my inner compass to a master’s degree program in social work...

it surprised me to hear Professionals

Talking about how to help people...

but not talking about how to make money doing it.

In 2018, I had enough of living on the low wages others expected me to accept as a social worker. As a single mother working in the school system, I was earning decent money - enough to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table

but it was not enough

to give me the ability to take care of my son

In the way that I desired and deserved.

i wanted more. i desired more.

But it was hard to shift from the mindset of being a helper to actually being a boss-lady that can create a business that not only supports the community but supports me fully.

I always heard other mental health and healthcare professionals

Talk about how they wanted to help...

NOT about how to make money.

"Soribel’s business coaching programs have allowed me to work on my relationship with money, scarcity, and confidence. Her mindset work around leadership, business, and abundance helped me shift my ability to ask for what my time and offerings are worth. I have always been so nervous to actually talk about myself and what I have to offer. I would get tripped up when people asked me how much something was – my speaking rate, workshop facilitation skills, or even direct products and now I have tools to help me state my worth and then wait to see what the person can actually pay. The 8 Pillars of Business Success gave me the tools I needed to take my business to the next level to make sure it is sustainable for years to come. With Soribel’s help, my business is networking and growing.​"

Erin Livensparger

CEO & Co founder of Fire Ring Farm

But I had dreams to chase

and a profitable, impactful business to start...

So I decided to learn how to make that a reality.

When I started my firm in 2018, I intended to run a solo practice while still working as a school social worker during the day however, I quickly learned I was playing too small.

Before I opened my doors,

I had a waitlist of over 50 people

So, you see, I’m not telling you all of this because I’m a business coach. I’m telling you because

I sat right where you are now, and

I created the 8 Pillars of Business Success

To help me:

  • Overcome those limiting beliefs

  • Eliminate stress and overwhelm

  • And build a profitable, impactful business.

Now, a few years later...

SMPsychotherapy employs over 20 therapists

And serves thousands of people.

I’ve also been able to start a nonprofit called JC’s Precious Minds Foundation that supports single mothers of special needs children in the Dominican Republic. 

When my business thrived, I knew I needed to help other private practice owners get out of the limiting mindset and realize that a profitable, impactful business was within reach.

More importantly,

A profitable business allows you

to make an even bigger impact in the world.

Now, I’m thrilled to use

my 8 Pillars of Business Success

To help other business owners get unstuck and create an unbreakable business...

That doesn’t take over their lives. I can’t wait to hear your business story and help you have the impact you crave.

So, what is the first step to

creating a profitable, impactful private practice?

You need to build a foundation.

The foundation of your private practice is the basis for all your success. The right set-up for your business can help you make money, increase your impact, and ensure that you can scale and grow.

  • Make money

  • Increase your impact

  • And ensure that you can scale and grow.

I want to remove...

The hard work, stress and overwhelm of starting your private practice

by giving you access to the exact steps I used

to create a multi-million dollar private practice.

"Working with Soribel has been so empowering. She holds me accountable, and she provides me with unlimited 1-on-1 support. I have gotten more clear on my goals, and the strategies I have learned so far have been successful for my business. I've conquered some of my fears and onto my next level. If you want to grow your business, Soribel is your girl. Thank me later.​"

Leslie Gomez

CEO of LMG Photography & Brand Coach

The Private Practice Start-Up Kit

contains everything you need

To start making decisions about your business today that will allow it to

Grow into a private practice making a million dollars in revenue or more each year!

the private practice start-up kit includes:

Two-Step Start-Up Private Practice Startup Guide: The first two steps you need to take to set your business up for success.

Start-up Private Practice Checklist: A detailed list following my 8 Pillars of Business Success to ensure you have the right business plan for your goals.

Start-up Private Practice Marketing Plan: A detailed worksheet to help you take your business to the next level through targeted marketing efforts.

This kit guides you through the first steps you need to take to ensure your business is set up with the right legal structure and business model to support the goals you set for your practice. 

But I won’t stop there!

I want every private practice owner to create the business of their dreams, so I’m offering a special bonus as part of the Private Practice Start-Up Kit.

private practice start-up kit bonuses include:

⁙ Startup Private Practice Start-Up Workshop

A live, 45-minute online workshop led by me! I’ll spill the secrets I used to create my 8 Pillars of Private Practice and scale my business to make over a million dollars in revenue in just four years!

The workshop will be on May 13th at 11 am EST.

⁙ Join our Powerful Community of Private Practice owners who can support you and network

• And because I know how important community support is when you’re building a business, I created a positive, impactful community on Facebook where you can share your trials and celebrate your wins, as well as get access to more of my private practice start-up tips!

With The Private Practice Startup Kit, you will:

  • Have a step-by-step process that removes the overwhelm and protects you from burnout because I already did the work.

  • Feel empowered to make decisions about your business confidently and with ease and flow.

  • Know which support staff you need to hire and what systems you need in place to help you get set up for success.

  • Know who your ideal client is so you can start attracting them.

  • Have a plan for traditional and online marketing efforts that are proven to turn leads into clients.

  • Make decisions about business structure and systems with expert guidance.

  • Experience the freedom that comes with being in control of your business and your life.

  • Understand that making a huge impact in the world requires creating a profitable business.

  • Get support and encouragement from a group of professionals who knows exactly what you’re going through

Don’t stay stuck in the frustrated cycle

of throwing effort away and not filling up your calendar.

Don’t keep working your day job

when you have the skills to build a profitable, impactful business.

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Your dream private practice is waiting for you!

About Soribel Martinez, LCSW, MBA

Soribel Martinez, LCSW, is a visionary who believes all people can create the life of their dreams with the right tools and support. It is her purpose to help others create their Unbreakable life.

Soribel developed the Multi-Million Dollar Private Practice Principles to build and scale SMPyschotherapy and Counseling Services into the dynamic practice it is today. SMPsychotherapy employs over twenty-five licensed mental health therapists, two psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, and administrative staff. Soribel’s group practice serves over eleven thousand clients.

When she transitioned from working as a school social worker to private practice, Soribel relied on the knowledge gained in her MBA program. Since starting her practice and hiring therapists, she’s discovered that university programs that train people in helping professions teach the fundamentals of practice but not the business side. To help other private practice owners create and scale businesses that have a massive impact on the world and provide abundant financial resources, Soribel started offering private coaching programs.

Soribel was born in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to the United States when she was twelve years old. She holds bachelor’s degrees in psychology and biology from Post University and completed two years of medical school at SABA School of Medicine before deciding mental health care was her true calling. She achieved a master’s degree in psychology and social work, and then returned for her MBA because she always dreamed of running her own business. A believer in lifelong learning, Soribel is currently a Doctor of Social Work candidate at Walden University.

Soribel’s faith guides her business and life purpose. She relies on a strong foundational connection with her Creator to help her make the right decisions for her family, her business, and other endeavors. Soribel expanded her purpose to help women build their dreams by founding JC’s Precious Minds Foundation in 2021 to honor the memory of her son, Jean-Carlos.

Soribel Martínez


CEO of SMPsychotherapy and Counseling Services

In addition to being a psychotherapist, CEO, business coach, and the founder of a non-profit, Soribel is a mother, a speaker, a storyteller, an adjunct professor of Psychology at Post University, and a member of the Post University’s Malcolm Baldrige School of Business-Management Advisory Board. Soribel’s publication credits include a chapter in the anthology Ignite Your Leadership, the Conquer Your Vision workbook, and Unbreakable, an inspirational memoir to be released in March 2023.

Soribel is accomplished, purpose-driven, and fueled by a passion for social change, but she wants to remind her readers that none of those labels define her. Accomplishments and titles do not determine how much you love yourself or how much your Creator supports you. Soribel is worthy of achieving her dreams because she is, just as you are worthy because you are. Soribel lives in Connecticut with her mother and son, John Anthony. She spends her free time with family, traveling worldwide, reading, and learning as much as possible.

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